NDC’s OTI Regional Communication Officer Advocates for 24HR Economy as a Panacea for Ghana’s Economic Woes

In a recent statement, the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) Regional Communication Officer for the OTI Region, attributed the solution to Ghana’s economic challenges to the implementation of a 24-hour economy. According to the official, the brainchild of the NDC’s Flagbearer, H.E John Dramani Mahama, the proposed policy is hailed as a “Game Changer” with the potential to revive the collapsed Ghanaian economy.

The Communication Officer emphasized that the 24HR Economy initiative is a result of innovative thinking and is poised to address the rampant unemployment issues in the country. The statement further criticized the current administration, led by the NPP’s Akuffo Addo and Bawumia, accusing them of steering the economy into a crisis.

The policy, designed to create job opportunities, particularly for the disillusioned youth, aims to counter the perceived failures of the present government. The officer dismissed attempts by Dr. Bawumia to discredit the 24HR Economy, asserting that the criticism lacked substance and was met with superior arguments from intellectuals across the nation.

The statement took a swipe at Dr. Bawumia, characterizing him as a “chronic liar” who deceived Ghanaians with unfulfilled promises. It criticized his inability to propose innovative solutions and highlighted the alleged misuse of the public purse by the current administration.

The 24HR Economy is hailed as a potential magic game-changer that will restore the economy and boost productivity across various sectors. The NDC projects a multiplier effect on other sectors as well, contributing to a buoyant economy if H.E John Dramani Mahama secures victory in the upcoming elections on December 7th.

The statement concluded by expressing confidence that the 24HR Economy would be a more beneficial option for the unemployed Ghanaian youth compared to the current economic strategies. He called on Dr. Bawumia to present new policy ideas instead of waiting for a leadership transition to bring them forward, asserting that the looted public purse would be restored through the effective implementation of the 24HR Economy.

The statement concluded with an optimistic outlook, stating that the citizens have embraced the policy and are eagerly anticipating its implementation in 2025.

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